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Y Strap Adjustment
Decompression Treatment

MVMT Rx is one of the only Chiropractic Offices in Nevada that regularly performs the Y - Strap Adjustment. This adjustment should not be performed on everyone and is only considered after examining patient history and a physical assessment. There are contraindications to performing this adjustment and we take them very seriously.

Is the Y Strap Adjustment painful?  


While the first time can be somewhat intense, most patients do not report any pain from the adjustment. In fact, the Y Strap has become the most requested adjustment in our office. 

Common reactions include: 

"That just changed my life!" "Ohhhh my goodness." "What just happened?!" "That is exactly what I needed." "I've been waiting for this my whole life."  "That felt AMAZING!" "I feel 2 inches taller."


From an outsiders perspective, the adjustment or "pull" can look rather violent; however, Chiropractors are extensively trained to feel when joints are at their physiological end range and then apply a quick and shallow thrust. In the Chiropractic and Osteopathic world this is called a high velocity low amplitude (HVLA) thrust.      


The Y Strap Adjustment is typically performed at the end of the treatment after the joints and soft tissues are warmed up. This seems to allow for maximum effectiveness and minimal soreness afterwards.

If you have any questions regarding the Y Strap, contact us. To see more videos, check out our instagram page

How Does The Y Strap Work?


The important point to emphasize is that the Y Strap Adjustment, when used appropriately, is a very safe tool that can be used to help a variety of conditions. It is our opinion that conservative care for spine-related conditions should be exhausted before considering surgery. 


As humans, we endure compressive forces daily and we theorize that this is why any sort of lifting, pulling or decompressive adjustment feels SO good. It has also been theorized that the quick pulling force generated by the Y Strap Adjustment decompresses the intervertebral discs and creates a vacuum effect, which enable nutrients to flow into the discs. The Y Strap truly feels like it is "lifting" away compression.

Currently there is no evidence to prove or disprove either of these theories. With that being said, we are willing to accept that not all phenomena can or will be explained in the peer-reviewed literature.

According to Pettibon, the makers of the Y Strap, the Y Strap Adjustment has the potential to “correct kinks in the epi-pia collagen network."

Here is a great video from Spine Surgeon, Dr. Antonio Webb, discussing his thoughts on the Y Strap. Click Here

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The easiest way to book your first appointment is by using our online scheduling service, Jane. Jane will seamlessly take you through the process of creating an account and filling out the necessary paperwork before your appointment.  


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