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Dr. kyle hemsley

Dr. Hemsley's active approach is what sets him apart from other Chiropractors.  He allows current evidence to guide his care and blends the line between Chiropractic, Physiotherapy, and Strength & Conditioning.

You can count on attentive, one-on-one interaction with Dr. Hemsley and you will not be handed off to an intern.


MVMT rx appointments
what to expect...

Initial Visit

Initial visits range from 30-90 minutes, depending on the complexity of the condition and your individual needs, goals, etc. Dr. Hemsley feels that it is essential to conduct an initial evaluation to ensure patient safety, treatment efficacy, and an accurate referral, if necessary. Whether you are simply looking for a full spine adjustment or a comprehensive rehabilitation program, we got your back.

Follow up visit

Our practice is predicated on empathy and attention. We understand that one of the top frustrations expressed by patients is being continually interrupted and feeling unheard. Patient's want clear and concise information about their condition from an honest provider, and that is what we aim to deliver. No up front costs or treatment packages. Each visit is designed to get you back to doing what you love. 

Full Spine Adjustment

We know you're busy, and some of you are just want to "get in and get out." We offer Adjustment Only visits as well as an Adjustment Only Monthly Membership.

MVMT Rx is currently developing a monthly MVMT Plan for our patients that want to see us on a monthly basis!

y-strap adjustment

Have you tried the Y-Strap yet!? We have quickly become known as one of the only providers in all of Nevada to offer the Y-Strap Adjustment. 

Visit the Y Strap Adjustment information page here.

In-Home Care

We can come to you...Whether you're interested in guided rehab, personal training, soft tissue work, or Chiropractic adjustments, Dr. Hemsley will provide you with high quality care in the comfort of your own home.

Virtual Appointment

From Low Back Pain to Plantar Fasciitis, we can now help you virtually. Movement-based medicine is the cornerstone of our practice and can effectively be prescribed without any in-person interaction.

Nathan S.

Kyle is a Chiropractor and Sports Care Professional that takes time with his clients and tries to understand them. Every session I have left moving better than coming in. I have seen countless chiropractors and have yet to see one that provides the kind of attention and care that Kyle does.

On one occasion, I had severe back pain and I could not pinpoint the cause. Kyle helped me find the solution and traced it back to my hips. First helping me manage my back pain and re-gaining strength, then moving to the source of the issue. In the last few months I have seen substantial progress in my bodies ability to stay pain free and move fluidly with less visits.

Jay Pettigrew

Kyle in a miracle worker and master at his craft. My prior experience with other Chiropractors has typically been rushed, a quick adjustment, and then you're out the door. I came to kyle with the worst sustained back pain I've had, and left feeling 95% better. He started the session with lots of insightful questions around not just the pain, but my daily routines, what had changed, etc. to better diagnose the issue, while also probing around testing different areas of my alignment. After the adjustment he also provided me with very specific and tailored routines for me to go through on a regular basis. I couldn't recommend him enough.

Patty d.

You never ever come across someone who will sit down and listen ... really you..... ask you questions, etc.... for 45 minutes...... before they even put their hands on you...... and then spend another 45 minutes giving detail into what your injury is and what muscles, bone, cartilage, etc are involved..... and then another 45 minutes showing and teaching you non evasive stretches and movements to do.... and then finish up with any questions or concerns you may have. I regained my trust..... completely..... Kyle is this good.... absolutely no hesitation in recommending Kyle..!!!!

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