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X-Ray Results

Mvmt rx?

We want to improve your confidence to move, whether you are in pain and need urgent attention, or an active individual with aches and pains.

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Education & Empowerment

At MVMT Rx we take the time needed to find the true root cause of the problem, rather than just treating the symptom. This leads to long lasting results where patients have a treatment plan with an END DATE and don't feel the need to come back forever. Patients leave our office with lifelong skills to maintain their flexibility, strength, and performance on their own.

Time & Attention

Each appointment is 60-minutes one-on-one with the doc. We won't stick you on a roller table or forget you in a room all by yourself hooked up to decompression. You won't be laying face down next to three other people and we can guarantee you won't feel like another number. Each patient is treated with care and intention, because at MVMT Rx we truly care about RESULTS.

More than a Chiropractor

Sure.. We love to do a good ol' classic back crack for the get in and get out patient, but we know it is not a fix-all solution. We like to call ourselves consultants for the human body, resolving complex issues with an active approach. Focused strength and conditioning, rehab, education, and manual therapy are just some of the ways we can improve how you move.

A Chiropractor who walks the walk!

Dr. Hemsley is an active doctor and has a body of his own to care for! As an active skier, mountaineer, rock climber, mountain biker, strength and conditioning athlete and Father to a beautiful son and Great Dane, Dr. Hemsley demands lot from his body daily. That is why he began his mission to become a Chiropractor and start MVMT Rx; to help guide others on a path to an active lifestyle

Amanda p.

Kyle came highly recommended. After years of pain, I was hesitant to come in because of the location of my pain points. Kyle was extremely professional and made me feel totally comfortable. He’s helped rehab me to the point of no pain. I’m truly grateful I found him. He’s extremely knowledgeable about the human body and I respect his holistic approach to treatment.

Lawrence g.

Kyle is such a knowledgeable and friendly guy, it's a nice change of pace from your average, bone-jarring chiropractor. He's located inside of American Iron Gym, and his office is very calm and inviting. I highly suggest giving his clinic a try!

Brianne P.

Kyle is an incredible Chiropractor! When I had my first visit he listened to my history and asked really good questions. When he adjusts me, he is always checking in to make sure the position I’m in is ok and doesn’t hurt. His office is clean and inviting, he has a wealth of information in his head, I highly recommend Kyle!!

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