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Dr. Kyle hemsley

Passionate About Movement Based Medicine 

Dr. Kyle Hemsley is more than just a Chiropractor.  He is a consultant for the human body and dedicates himself to helping his patients overcome complex issues with an active approach.  With over 200 hours of professional continuing education in this past year alone, Dr. Hemsley is relentless in his pursuit to bring the best possible care to the Reno/Tahoe area.  

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Attending Chiropractic school in Southern California, Dr. Hemsley was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to learn from some of the world's leading experts in the field of sports medicine, strength & conditioning, and chiropractic care.  

Dr. Hemsley's goal is to empower his patients and help them realize that they are resilient.  With an overwhelming amount of information available online these days, it is easy to be misled to believe that advanced imaging or surgery is needed "fix" a condition.  Dr. Hemsley makes it a point to educate first and reassure his patients that they are not fragile.  His model is directed towards building his patient's self-efficacy with the goal of driving positive behavior change. 

Dr. Hemsley is a proud father and Great Dane Dad.  He is an avid skier and mountaineer. He enjoys rock climbing, mountain biking, all types of strength & conditioning, and just about every other outdoor activity.  


  • Doctor of Chiropractic - Summa Cum Laude - Southern California University of Health Sciences

  • Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science - Summa Cum Laude - University of Pennsylvania 


  • NSCA - Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist 

  • Functional Movement Systems (FMS) 


  • USAW Sport Performance Coach 

  • CrossFit Level 1, Mobility 

  • Chek Scientific Core Specialist 


Professional Continuing Education

More than 40 professional continuing education courses in the realm of manual therapy, functional rehabilitation, and athletic performance including: ​

  • Barbell Medicine - Pain & Rehab

  • Sloptimal Loading - Physiopraxis

  • The Shoulder Complex - Adam Meakins

  • DNS Exercise, DNS Baseball 

  • Advanced Clinical Neurodynamics Upper & Lower Quarter

  • Numerous courses with Dr. Craig Liebenson 

  • Dr. Phillip Snell - Fix Your Own Back 

  • Fascial Manipulation 


  • Motion Palpation Institute (Full Spine) 

  • Apex Energetics - Mastering Functional Blood Chemistry, Mastering Brain Chemistry, Functional Endocrinology, Brain-Immune Axis

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