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Y- Strap FAQs

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

The Y Strap Adjustment has recently become popularized by a surge of Chiropractors filming and posting their treatment videos on YouTube. Due to the high volume of questions regarding this treatment, I will attempt to answer the most common questions I am asked in a Q&A format based on my personal experience.

Why do I use the Y Strap?

I have personally found the Y Strap to be the most relieving adjustment out of all adjustments for my patients and also, to have done on myself. With that being said, it is not for everyone. However, I would estimate that for 80% of my patients it is their absolute favorite adjustment they have ever had.

Is the Y Strap Adjustment Safe?

Do I need the Y Strap?

Does the Y Strap hurt?

How does the Y Strap work?

Can the Y Strap make you taller?

How often can the Y Strap be done?

Can I workout after the Y Strap adjustment?

What conditions does the Y Strap work best for?

What can I expect to feel with the Y Strap adjustment?

How is the Y Strap different from traditional spinal decompression?

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